FY2024 Reazon Holdings NEW Graduate Entrance Ceremony and Orientation Program Report

Reazon has once again welcomed new members who bring a variety of talents as part of our new graduate intake this year! Greetings, Everyone! This is Bipul from the development division in the Promotion Department in Reazon Holdings. I joined the company as a frontend engineer during the year 2023 and have since transitioned to a full stack engineer role, focusing on a web3.0 domain. Although I am not affiliated to the Human Resources department that organizes the entrance ceremonies and new graduate training, I was able to volunteer myself and get involved this time by solving issues I noticed when I participated in the training as a new graduate last year. Reazon has a system that also evaluates contributions to organizations other than one’s own, and under this system, I was not only involved in the management but also in planning. Based on my experience participating in the training as a new graduate last year, I made various improvements and proposals. Specifically, we enhanced the training program, and as Reazon continues to globalize with an increasing number of English speakers, we created an environment that can accommodate both Japanese and English speakers, further elevating the content from last year. Please take a moment to view the highlights from this year’s entrance ceremony and the training sessions.

Welcoming the Future: Our New Graduates’ Entrance Ceremony

On April 1, 2024, Reazon Holdings conducted the annual Entrance Ceremony to celebrate the introduction of new team members to our professional community. This significant event serves as a warm welcome, integrating these talented individuals into our vibrant culture.

The ceremony featured a series of motivational speeches from the new graduates, where they shared their aspirations and future objectives within Reazon Holdings. We welcomed a total of 53 new graduates, distributed across various job categories. The ceremony served as an opportunity for each of the new members to deliver speeches that not only shared their aspirations but also discussed their ambitions to achieve success within the company, thereby boosting mutual motivation.

Among all these people we had approximately 20% foreign members and 40% bilingual members.This data not only reflects the new graduates' distribution across different job categories but also highlights the company's trajectory towards increased global engagement.

This was followed by motivational addresses from our executives, outlining the company's vision and discussing the crucial roles that the young professionals will play in the future of the organization. 

Here comes the surprise!

In a delightful surprise, the new graduates received a heartfelt welcome message from Nobuyuki Sakuma, a renowned Japanese producer known for managing numerous popular contents, including the youtube channel “NOBROCK TV”. 

The new recruits were visibly pleased and attentively listened as Mr. Sakuma shared stories from his own experiences and imparted his message, adding a memorable touch to the ceremony.


After the entrance ceremony, a two-week new graduate training program began. This year's training focused on two main goals:

  • Understanding the Culture: This aimed to deepen the new graduates’ understanding of the Reazon culture, encouraging them to act proactively.
  • Acquiring Primary Skills (*1): The training was centered around business design and communication skills that are immediately required in the workplace. It also provided opportunities to understand the work across various professions and multiple business units, to prepare them for potential early managerial roles.

(*1) At Reazon, these “primary skills” are defined as essential business skills that should be acquired regardless of their job type

Reazon’s new graduate training is entirely designed in-house, and the instructors are all Reazon employees, including directors, executive officers, and leaders from various fields, who personally take the stage to teach. A distinctive feature of our company is the direct involvement of executives in training, guiding new graduates firsthand—a practice not commonly found in other companies.

The training included activities designed to enhance primary skills, promote communication, respect diversity, and permeate the company’s corporate culture. Examples of the programs conducted include:

  • Corporate Culture and Professionalism
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Interviews with Executives and Article Writing
  • Advertising Challenges
  • Data Analysis
  • Contracts, Intellectual Property, Risk Management, and more

Among these activities, I would like to highlight two group challenges:

The first is the "Marshmallow Challenge." This was a team-building exercise where teams of four used spaghetti, marshmallows, and limited resources to build the tallest possible tower. Through trial and error, teams strategized and cooperated to construct their towers, learning about working together towards a common goal, mirroring essential aspects of real-world project development. The unofficial world record stands at 99cm, and the highest record during this training was 80cm—just a bit more to go!

The second is the "Advertising Challenge." Teams of four also created advertisements for one of our company’s games and then launched these ads on external media to compete for the most effective campaign in terms of game installs. Utilizing our in-house ad delivery system, which is also used in actual operations, the teams were able to monitor install rates in real-time, analyze and modify their ads accordingly. This exercise provided hands-on experience in understanding business operations and producing creative outputs as a team.

Throughout the comprehensive training program, including the two highlighted challenges, the new graduates learned primary skills such as time management, continuous action improvement, and effective planning. 

Integrating different viewpoints and ways of thinking from each team member is an essential skill for everyday tasks at Reazon Holdings. 

The experiences from the training helped the new graduates learn how to collaborate efficiently on complex tasks within a team setting, thereby deepening their bonds and preparing them to adapt to the dynamic workplace environment they will face after their assignments.

We hope that this training proves to be a valuable learning experience for the new graduates and look forward to their future contributions and success at Reazon Holdings.

Welcome Dinner

During the training program, we organized a welcome dinner for the new graduates with the company's executive directors. We served the meals using our company's own service, “Menu”. The delightful food and drinks worked wonders in bridging the gap between the new entrants and the senior leadership, creating a stronger bond. 

At the end of the party, heartfelt closing remarks were delivered by the participating executives, warmly reaffirming the bond among the colleagues who will be moving forward together at Reazon. 

This event not only welcomed the new graduates but also strengthened their sense of belonging within the company.

What makes this year special?

One of the main themes for Reazon in the year 2024 is "Globalization." In alignment with this theme, the training program primarily conducted in Japanese incorporated several supportive measures to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for non-Japanese speakers.

All training materials were prepared in both Japanese and English versions in advance. During the training sessions, simultaneous interpretation from Japanese to English was provided to facilitate understanding for all participants. Additionally, we utilized "Reazon Speech,"(*2) a technology developed by the Reazon Human Interaction Lab, which not only transcribes the spoken content by the instructors into text but also translates and displays this text in English in real-time.

These efforts reflect our commitment to globalization, diversity, and a "Technology-First" approach, emphasizing our dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology in fostering an inclusive and globally-oriented workplace environment.

*2. Reazon Speech: The world's largest open Japanese speech corpus, created by the Reazon Human Interaction Lab. 


Reflecting on this year's training program, I couldn't help but feel a touch of envy due to the noticeable improvements made from the previous session. The diversity of this year's participants was truly impressive, reaffirming our company's commitment to globalization. By providing English translations and interpretation, we ensured that even members who are not fluent in Japanese could fully participate in the training.

Efforts to create an inclusive environment paid off, as this year's new graduates seemed to communicate more actively compared to last year. During the training period, careful planning of group assignments and seat rotations allowed participants to interact with a broader range of peers. Including bilingual members in each group ensured smooth communication between Japanese and English speakers, maintaining a balanced interaction among all attendees.

Overall, this year's new graduate training and entrance ceremony were a resounding success! 

I am eagerly looking forward to more opportunities to be involved in such events in the future!


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